We do everything possible to give our customers the specific services they need. 

From bulk to pre-pack

We deliver our customers with their specific packing needs in all possible forms, from bulk to pre-packs likes netlon bags, flowpacks, foodtainers and scales. 


During the years we have build a strong and reliable network of different transport companies, who take care under our supervision that your products will be delivered in-time and on the correct temperature. Pallets, full loads or oversea container transport, we have all expertise !


We are working with the ERP software program SAP. In SAP all logistical steps are recorded. Herewith we can trace back your products by the pallet back to the origin wherever in the world.


We are IFS Broker certified on “higher level”. We guarantee our customers that all products delivered are Global GAP certified. Also we are SKAL certified so we have the possibilities to offer organic grown produce both import as European produce.